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Thailand return to Division II this season after being beaten by Chinese Taipei in the relegation match of the 2013 Division I tournament.


The Thais are traditionally not long-stayers at Division II level and will be intent on reaching the final and angling for an improved position on the Asian rugby ladder in 2015.


Chinese Taipan



Malaysia has unfortunately bucked the trend of hosts winning their home tournaments, coming up unsuccessful in the finals of both Division II competitions held in Kuala Lumpur in 2013 and 2012.


Last year's loss to Singapore in the dying seconds of the match was a bitter pill for this proud team to swallow and no doubt thoughts of the game have proven to be a mainstay for the side in the close season as they look ahead to 2014.


Malaysia has opted to travel for 2014 and will be hoping that the new environs lead to new results. Malaysia are keen to win this competition for the first time since 2010.





Iran will be hoping to spring a surprise in Doha to underline their status as an emerging rugby power.


Big and physical, Iran will be a handful and the carrot of winning Division II for the first time in its history should prove ample incentive.


Progress has been remarkable over the past five years. In 2008, Iran was playing at regional level but was promoted to Division Three in 2009. They went one step better and won promotion in 2011 by defeating Pakistan and have held on to their position in this division since then.




One of the fastest rising teams in Asian rugby, Qatar has not lacked for titles in its A5N forays, having won the Division IV two times running and claimed the Division III title on their debut in the higher grade. 


2014 marks the high point for Qatar in Division II. The team will look to the added incentive of playing in front of home crowds as they step up once again against a higher level of competition.


Qatar can look forward to a more physical competition this May with Thailand, Iran and Malaysia likely to provide more conditioned and better drilled competition then Qatar's Division III counterparts last year. 



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