The Trophy


The Asian Five Nations Trophy




The Trophy for the ARFU Asian Five Nations was unveiled on Friday 2 May 2008 in Hong Kong.   


Resplendent with Asian motifs like fire-breathing dragons, dragon-heads forming the handles and a tiger standing majestically on the lid, paw firmly placed on top of a rugby ball, the Trophy is representative of the traditions of all Asia.  The name of all 26 participating Asian Rugby Unions taking part in the tournament series are also inscribed on a special plaque affixed to the base.


The Trophy has been donated to the Asian Rugby Football Union by two legendary Indian sporting clubs, Bombay Gymkhana and the Calcutta Cricket & Football Club (CCFC).  The Asian Rugby Football Union is very grateful to these clubs for their generous contribution to the lore of the Asian Five Nations Series.


Established in 1792, the Calcutta Cricket & Football Club is the oldest surviving rugby club in the world outside the United Kingdom.  The first recorded rugby match in India was played on Christmas Day 1872 at CCFC in Calcutta, demonstrating the deep roots that rugby has established in Asia. 


Bombay Gymkhana's first recorded rugby match was in 1890 with the Gymkhana traveling to Calcutta the following year to participate in the Rugby Union Challenge Cup.  Bombay Gymkhana along with the Calcutta Cricket & Football Club continue to host the annual All India and South Asia Rugby Cup.  Today, Bombay Gymkhana's rugby tradition is largely responsible for the current successful Indian National Rugby Team.


This exquisite Trophy represents India's century-old relationship with rugby, the passion its institutions share for the game and the ultimate dream of spreading the love for this great sport across the Asian continent.    


Produced in India by the renowned silversmiths, Whorra Brothers, the Trophy evokes another legendary piece of rugby silverware, the Calcutta Cup, (played for by England and Scotland in the Six Nations). 


Like its famous predecessor, the Calcutta Cup, the Asian Five Nations Trophy will grow in prestige and stature over the decades; with the crucial difference being that the new HSBC Asian Five Nations Trophy will remain in Asia for perpetuity.  


The Trophy was presented to the Japan Rugby Football Union - winner of the inaugural Asian Five Nations Top 5 Competition in 2008.  Hereafter, it will be presented to the winner of the Asian Five Nations Top 5 Competition each year. 



Asian Five Nations Trophy

Dimensions & Specifications


Height without lid
Height with lid
Height of tiger
(at top of lid)
Height of wooden base
Diameter of cup mouth
Diameter of trophy base
Weight of trophy without base
7 kg
Weight of trophy with base
8.4 kg
Sterling Silver
Purity of silver

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